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Our Mission

Newcomers and Neighbours of Grimsby and Area is a social club with membership open to both new and established residents in the area.  Our mission is to offer a warm welcome to both newcomer and the established resident of Grimsby and Area and to promote opportunities to develop lasting friendship.

Throughout the month small activity groups, consisting of members with common interests, meet regularly as announced in the monthly newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Because of COVID-19 most activities at this time are on hold or are being held through Zoom Video (Wine Tasting and Games Night) as well as our weekly walking and hiking groups.

Membership is open to new and established residents of the Grimsby Area.  All members of Newcomers and Neighbours of Grimsby & Area may remain members of the organization as long as they continue to pay their dues.

A full year membership runs from July 1st of the current year through June 30th of the following year.

Please see our NNGA Membership page for complete details.