This is a partial list - all activities are run by volunteer members and can change at any time. If you do not see an activity you are interested in, you may want to volunteer to start up a new activity.

For an up-to-date listing of upcoming activities, please see our Public Facebook Page: 

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Book Club
Do you like to read?  Come join us for an informal but lively discussion of books selected by our members.  The book list is from a variety of genres but will always be available in paperback and usually in e-book format.   We will meet once a month at the home of a member.  We will have a sign-up list for members to host the meetings and provide light refreshments.  The discussion is informal and is led by a member who has previously volunteered to keep us on track.  All are welcome!

Wine Tasting
Wine tasting is a great excuse for couples or singles to meet up once a month at a member's home to sample the wine that is brought to enjoy.  The host provides the venue and the attendees bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share.   The person bringing the wine is asked to bring along some information of the chosen bottle to share.  Information on this evening event is posted in the monthly Newsletter. 

Breakfast  Out 
Breakfast Out is a wonderful way of getting together with friends and enjoying different restaurants in the Grimsby area.  We meet on the second Thursday of the month. This group is open to couples or singles. A different restaurant is selected each month by the activity facilitator, but recommendations from members are welcome. The number of attendees is limited according to the restaurant chosen so that each couple or person can receive a separate check.

Games Event
The last Thursday of the month is our Games Event.  We meet at one of our member's homes and play assorted games.  The host provides tea and coffee.  Everyone is asked to bring a snack to share.  There are a number of very popular games which can be played in small groups to large groups.  These are games for ages 8+, so they are easy to learn and are fairly quick.   Advanced registration is required.

Potluck Dinners

This activity is a fun and delicious way to meet new people and visit with friends.   They take place at different homes once a month.  The hostess will provide the drinks and dishes and the members sign up to bring an array of foods.  Every Potluck Dinner is a unique and delightful experience.  Advance registration is required and plans for the evening will be decided in advance.  

Hand & Foot / Euchre 

Hand & Foot cards are played on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons.  Guests bring their own folding chair if necessary and a snack to enjoy. 


Euchre is played on the last Tuesday of the month.  Guests bring a folding chair and a snack to enjoy.

The venue for these cards days is in the party room at #10 Concord Place Condo or in a member's home.  Pre-registration for each card day is necessary to ensure we have enough tables and decks of cards.

Out to Lunch
The Out to Lunch is a fun and friendly group that meets on the first Thursday of the month.  It's a wonderful way to explore Grimsby and area restaurants.  The Activity Facilitator determines the time and place.  It's a small group, so it's easy for new members to meet others.  Each attendee pays for her/his own selection.  Everyone is welcome!  


The walking group meets once a week at a predetermined parking spot and walk for one hour.   To make walking more interesting, we walk at different neighborhoods each month.  Some of the places we go to have picnic facilities or restaurants near by so walkers can decide if they would like to stop for a snack.   


The hiking group meets at a  predetermined  parking area and hike for 90 to 120 minutes, usually on the Bruce Trail.  Water, bug spray and proper attire and footwear  is recommended.