Newcomers and Neighbours of Grimsby & Area is a social club with membership open to both new and established residents of the area. Our mission is to offer a warm welcome to both newcomers and established residents of Grimsby and area, and to provide opportunities to develop lasting friendships. We recognize that people are always looking to grow their interests and make new friends - and that's what we are all about. The club co-ed and is open to couples and single people.

The club, which is run by member volunteers, organize activities for members during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends. We offer a diverse and exciting array of activities:  from  Wine Tasting, Breakfast Group, Luncheon Out,  Walking Group, Pot Luck Dinner and other fun activities for both women and men. As with any organization, it all starts with you.  Because of Covid-19, some of our activities are held using Zoom, but there are still some activities held outdoors, following all Covid-19 safety precautions.


Visit our membership page and we will tell you how to start down the road to making new friends, immersing yourself in the community, and just plain enjoying Grimsby and area.  If you would like more information, please contact us at:

For coming events and activities follow us PublicFacebook: GrimsbyNewcomers2021